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Gay Support Sites

12/06/2008 17:00

ThCell is not responsible for the content of external websites. Navigation and use of information on external websites is at the users own risk. ThCell is a wholly independent organisation. You should not consider any externally linked organisation or website as endorsed or recommended by ThCell. Links are provided, in good faith, to information you may find useful.

If you are a HIV+ Gay man these sites provide help & support. HIV+ support sites serving the HIV+ communiity can be found on the Support Agencies link page.

GMFA - The Gay Men's Health Charity<   GMFA, the gay men's health charity,  is a comprehensive resource for Gay men with HIV covering benefits, health etc<.
<   Terrence Higgins Trust has a number of websites aimed at Gay men.  There is also the "Hard Cell"< site which is explicit in nature.