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Friends and Supporters

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We are very grateful and thank all of those who have contributed, donated, given time, promoted and use this site. 


Here's a list of some of our other friends and supporters:



Todd Carty, Actor/Director - Doctors, The Bill, EastEnders & Grange Hill   Todd Carty, Actor & Director - Doctors, The Bill, EastEnders & Grange Hill.<
June Brown Actress - EastEnders<  

June Brown, MBE. Actress - EastEnders.<


Simon Callow Actor &Writer   Simon Callow C.B.E, Actor & Writer.<
Hannah Waterman Actress   Hannah Waterman, Actress - New Tricks & EastEnders.<
Ann Mitchell Actress  

I know, first hand, how much distress and anxiety this review is 
causing to men and women with long term conditions such as HIV/AIDS, 
Cancer and Mental Illness.  There has been great advances in medication 
for many of these illnesses and the scientists have our profound 
gratitude but there are side-effects and they can be debilitating both 
physically and emotionally and deeply distressing.  The Government 
doesn't seem to have taken this into account.  The stigma and ignorance 
attached to HIV/AIDS in particular is still very real and the pain this 
causes is great.  With no long term plans or solutions in place, I fear 
that many  men and women will be forced onto lower benefits, or to take 
low-paid work -given employers reluctance to offer any real  
opportunities to men and women with ongoing health issues. I urge 
EVERYONE to contact their M.Ps , voicing their concerns and continue to 
support the important work being done by ThCell.

Ann Mitchell, Actress< - Widows, She's Out, recently - stage production of Angels in America & EastEnders.<

Kate Williams Actress   Kate Williams, Actress - Widows, She's Out & EastEnders.<
Race Davis Actress   Race Davis, Actress - Roughnecks, EastEnders & Men Behaving Badly.<
    Daniel Kramer, Director - Stage Production of Angels in America.<

Che Walker, Writer & Director.<