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Debt Advice & Hardship Funds

01/01/2008 00:00

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There are a number of Debt Advisors that can be found on the internet. It is always better to seek advice when problems begin rather than let them "fester".

Here are a few :

  Debt Advice Trust<  

If you use a Solicitor for advice. Make sure they are qualified to advise on benefit matters.

Community Legal Advice<  

This website offers free, confidential and independent legal advice for residents of England and Wales.

The Law Socitey<

  You can find a solicitor by clicking on the logo on the left handside.

Check your Car / household or any other insurance Policies. Check your credit card contracts. You may have access to a solicitor or legal advice provided as part of your customer incentives package.

Hardship funds



  Crusaid merged into Terrence Higgins Trust in 2010. They relaunched the "Hardship Fund" in February 2012<.