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Will there be similar reviews of income support & incapacity benefit as there were for DLA?

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 Hi everyone. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what will happen when Income support and incapacity benefit change over to the new Employment and Support Allowance. Will current applicants have to reapply and go through more form filling and medical examinations as with DLA reviews?

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS: Just wanted to say thanks to John and all those that have helped in creating  this website. In recent months its be a lifeline!!!



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If you are currently receiving Incapacity Benefit by virtue of receiving Higher Rate Care Component of Disability Living Allowance you will simply be moved across to the the Employment & Support Allowance.

However ALL claims will be subject to review over the next few years and this will make all claims subject to a Work orientated assessment.  I am not clear if there will be an automatic entitlement if you are, at that time also receiving the Higher rate of Care.

If you want more information see the "Green Paper on the ESA" by clicking here<.