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World AIDS Day 1st December<

Budget 2016<

JCVI statement on HPV vaccination of men who have sex with men< - UK GoV.



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We want to inform, support but encourage people to take more of an active role in matters that concern them either directly or as related issues to them.  Support Services for HIV+ people have changed over the last 10 years. Individuals have to do more for themselves as the help may not be at hand.  Here we want to share experience and coping strategies and use this wealth of people's experience to campaign and lobby for the HIV/AIDs community. For those issues that don't feature but need a voice either because they may cause embarrassment, considered to small by others but of course are further stigmatising.

We started because we found support from established groups was not dealing with our core issue at the time, Disability Living Allowance "Special Rules Review". Communications were ignored.

This then grew into a small group of liked minded HIV people that themselves were/are going though the process, and with this in mind we decided that this was not the only campaign that we as a group wanted to pursue to help raise the profile of the HIV Community and there issues.  For HIV/AIDS magazines, mobile phone downloads that may prove useful click here.

The campaigns we want to pursue are,

HIV & Benefits/Social Care

HPV or Human Papillomavirus 

HIV & Hep C (HCV) Co-infection

Mental Health & HIV

Myths & HIV


You can also access these from the "drop down menu" on the top left hand side.

With this in mind we would like you, the HIV Community to have your say and share your experiences.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on issues that you might feel need to be discussed or talked about then please feel free to leave any comments (Click here for details)email us or . Follow tcell_org_uk on Twitter and Facebook. This will help us shape the campaigning moving forward.

Our view politically is that the government, of the day, and opposition political parties should be held to account.  HIV/AIDs, we believe, needs due consideration in the formulation and delivery of policy that directly affects the community.  Of course it is likely that campaigning will focus on the government of the day. Any view expressed is not to be taken as an endorsement, or otherwise, of any political party. It is for you to decide how you vote.  

The "vision" is to encourage ordinary people affected or living with HIV to come together and take more control over and involvement with the decisions made about them. Rather than "leave it to others" and we are guilty of that also, do something practical that will help personally and the wider community.

Looking back at the history of HIV activism two things are definite lessons.

We are stronger together and we are louder together.